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Keith Richards Is Writing A Children’s Book. Stop Laughing

by | 12th, March 2014

WHEN rock musicians get bored, there’s a mental ticklist of things they need to do to stop them from shrivelling up and dying.

They are: painting; an album of ‘standards’; going into ‘the movies’; poetry; acting; something to do with classical music; appearing on a documentary about a niche interest that no-one knew they had, like steam engines or fixing antique cars; and finally – children’s books.

And so, to Keith Richards, who is going for the latter and, apparently, is writing a children’s book. Although, if you’ve seen his hands lately, you’d be surprised if he could hold a pen or punch the letters on a keyboard, let alone write a whole book.

Now, the Rolling Stone who has had a life that is more ‘Rated R’ than ‘PEGI 3’, is going to apply his drug and booze addled brains to write some books after he got a deal with Little Brown Books for Young Readers.

(Anyone else thinking of up dated version of The Snowman, or

It’ll be a picture story called Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar. The ‘Gus’ in the book is Gus Dupree, Keith Richards’ beloved musician-grandfather.

Naturally, Our Keef is unable to do anything that doesn’t involve a guitar in some way, shape or form. If you cut him, he’d bleed sawdust and plectrums.

The publisher announced Tuesday that the book will come out in Autumn and will include illustrations by Richards’ daughter, Theodora Richards. That’s another thing ageing rock stars are really, really good at – nepotism.

In a statement issued by the publisher, Richards said the book was based on “one of those magical moments” he had with Dupree.

Thank god it isn’t about snorting heroin, drug busts, having a face like a boiled foot and not making any good records since Ron Wood joined his band.

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