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Miley Cyrus Gives Out To Security During Gig

by | 17th, March 2014

THE treatment of Miley Cyrus by the public at large has been a problematic one. Basically, thanks to growing up in front of everyone – which includes making mistakes, changing the way she does things, finding her sexuality and all that fun stuff – she’s been branded an idiot, like she was supposed to know what she was doing.

She’s 21 years old.

Among all this, a rather formidable woman has emerged, not afraid to take chances and speak her mind. At a show in Dallas, she stuck up for fans against her own security.

Cyrus hit out at security because they’d got mad at a fan for taking a picture of her during a gig on Wednesday.The video footage shows Miley forgetting about singing, instead, having a pop at some jobsworths.

She looks at the security and says “What the fu*k?!”

Angered by it, Miley goes into a rant, doing the unthinkable and actually giving a monkeys about her fans and how much money they’ve spent on her. She notes that, if people are paying loads of money, then they really should be allowed to take some pictures at concerts.

“Somebody got in trouble for taking a picture at a fu*king concert. That’s why you guys pay $1000 for fu*king tickets, is to take a fucking picture of me!”

Funnily enough, you don’t see supposedly caring, credible rock bands sticking up for their fans in this way and, again, pop music is more outspoken, more frank and more adventurous than their dreary rock cousins.


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