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Gervais Is Bringing David Brent Back To TV?

by | 25th, March 2014




REMEMBER we told you that Ricky Gervais would be taking David Brent out on tour? Well, all is not as it seems.

It seems Ricky is bringing back Brent in a behind the scenes tour special, which could be lousy, but Gervais has an idea which might just work out wonderfully. And only a fool would write off Ricky Gervais.

The idea is still embryonic and Gervais says: “I think I’ve got something, but I’m still working on it – the music side of it is really a Trojan horse for something else I want to try.”

“It’s just an idea. I want to do a tour, a little tour – and people think they’re seeing a tour. I film it, but actually it’s Brent who thinks he’s making a Scorsese-type thing of On the Road. Of course, behind the scenes, it is so much sadder and more poignant. It’s Spinal Tap meets sad Scorsese meets Anvil.”

“It’s more of the breakdown of this man who thought he was going to be something else.”

If executed correctly, this could be an amazing piece of work. And with Brent being so popular, you wonder why he hasn’t brought him back before now. Gervais has his reasons: “The reason I didn’t bring Brent back before is that I wanted to do lots of other things first, but secretly I do want to do something else.”

“It has to be right, it has to be justified. It can’t be an unwanted encore. It can’t even be a wanted encore, because people don’t know what they want.”

Watch this space.

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