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Huge PVC Whale Banned From London Park For Being Too Religious

by | 31st, March 2014

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KIDS can strike off climbing inside a  5oft PVC whale from their list of holiday days out. It’s a matter of billing. When the whale beached in the park opposite Tower Bridge was part of a pirate adventure, it was fit for purpose. Pirates who slit your throat and rape your granny are good wholesome fun. Moreover, their pet whales.

But when the whale was reused to illustrate the Bible story of Jonah, it was deemed morally wrong. The brains at the Potters Fields Park Management Trust, which runs the site, say the whale is now too religious.

James Catford, chief executive of the Bible Society, is confused:

“We’re not here to tell children what to believe. We simply want to give them a really fun experience they will always remember. The research we recently commissioned as part of Bible Society’s ‘Pass It On’ campaign showed that 80 per cent of all parents think their children should have the opportunity to engage with Bible stories. The challenge is knowing where to begin. We thought that giving children the chance to sit in a large inflatable whale and have the story of Jonah read to them was a good place to start.”

The Potters Fields’ burgers should know their Bible. We commend to their attention to story of Nineveh. The enterprising will be going long on sackcloth and ashes in the gift shop.


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