Anorak News | Seattle Burger Shop Uses Bong Toking Jesus To Celebrate Cheap Easter Meat

Seattle Burger Shop Uses Bong Toking Jesus To Celebrate Cheap Easter Meat

by | 13th, April 2014

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OUTAGE in Seattle, Washington, over the new ad for burger eatery Lunchbox Laboratory featuring the call to celebrate Easter with a weed-smoking Jesus. The ad tells readers:

“When I get back all I want is the Burger of the Gods.”

Jesus is holding a burger and a joint, with the 4/20 date highlighted in green.

Lunchbox Laboratory owner John Schmidt tells KIRO radio:

“We knew we were pushing it a little bit but at the same time that is kind of what our marketing is about.”

So. How about an advert for Eid with a picture of Mohammed eating a ‘ram-adam-ding-dong’ sheep burger and holding a double-shot vodka martini? Says Schmidt:

“No one group is sacred. Do you ever watch South Park where they parody everybody and every religion and pretty much anything?”

Yeah. It was entertaining stuff. But what’s that got to do with eating burgers?

“We’re looking for people to be talking about our marketing. You talking about us on the air is the grand slam, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I honestly am not trying to offend you as a Christian.”

It’s too lazy to look like he’s trying. But the Mohammed Burger ad is on!

“This is a very competitive marketplace, Seattle has 50 new restaurants open up a year – I have to get my name out there and I have to make decisions that sometimes may possibly go too far. I maybe went too far on this one.”

Hear that? Is it beef? No. Is it turkey? No. That, Mr Schmidt, is the sound of chicken…

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