Anorak News | London’s New ‘Neo-Nazi Outfitter’ Thor Steinar Doesn’t Sell Black Shirts

London’s New ‘Neo-Nazi Outfitter’ Thor Steinar Doesn’t Sell Black Shirts

by | 20th, April 2014

hurrah for the black shirts



WHAT do bigots wear? A branch of the German fashion label Thor Steinar has opened in Finchley, north London.

Hope Not Hate says the label is the “favoured brand of hardline right wingers in Germany”.

The JC notes that “the brand’s original logo resembles the insignia of the SS under Hitler”.

The London outlet is called the Viking Thor Shop. Locals who pop in expecting fancy dress horned helmets and tributes to the Marvel superhero get only T-shirts, jackets and swastika-embossed leather vests. Well, that was joke about the vests. The branding is not that obvious. It’s all very bland.

Channel 4 notes:

Its clothes were banned outright in Germany in 2004 because of the logo’s similarity to symbols worn by the Nazi SS – but the company has rebranded since then. In March 2012 the label drew global controversy when the company opened a shop called Brevik in Saxony. It was accused of naming the store after far-right mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. The brand claimed it was named in honour of the Norwegian town of Brevik in Oslo but later changed the name and removed the sign.

The owner Zsolt Mogyorodi is quoted in the Independent:

 “I don’t know what is wrong with our clothes, they are just normal outdoor clothes. I can’t stop stupid people like football hooligans from wearing them…. We welcome all kinds of customers in the shop. The Nazi thing is a silly old story from years ago and the brand has changed since then.”

The Indy looks at the shop’s stock:

The Finchley shop displays a Wolfsangel-style Nordic rune above the door, and variations of the symbol, which was adopted by some Waffen-SS units, feature on the brand’s T-shirts and hoodies. One T-shirt on sale shows a man holding an automatic weapon and reads “last man standing”.

How Nazis must hanker for the days when they just had to wear a simple back shirt.

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