Anorak News | War On Free Speech: Robert Riley Jailed For Offending The Twitter Mob

War On Free Speech: Robert Riley Jailed For Offending The Twitter Mob

by | 8th, May 2014



THE war on free speech claims Robert Riley, jailed for making comments on twitter about  Leeds school teacher Ann Maguire, who was stabbed to death by a pupil.

Riley tweets under the nom-de-dickhead @bucketmouth. He called Maguire “miss prissy knickers”. He said he would have murdered the rest of the “bastard teachers too”. His full tweet went:

“I wouldn’t have just killed miss prissy knickers Maguire. I’d have stabbed all the bastard teachers.”

People complained that the man calling himself bucketmouth was saying nasty things. So. West Yorkshire police hauled in the mentally negligible unemployed dad of two from Cwmavon, south Wales. Would he apologise? No! Was he ashamed? No! He said he was “unabashed and unafraid”.

So. He was ordered to appear before magistrates in Swansea. There, he admitted sending a “grossly offensive, abusive or malicious message”. Lead Beak Georgina Scannell said the idiotic man has a “history of making racially and religiously offensive”. She said his comments tweeted to his 530 followers had added to the distress of Mrs Maguire’s family

She said:

“Besides this, countless other vile comments were made by you. This is a racially and religiously aggravated offence. It is so serious only a custodial sentence can be justified.”

She noted that Mr bucketmouth had also said mean things about Nelson Mandela, Michael Schumacher, and the passengers and crew on board the missing Malaysian Airlines jet.

He tweeted:

“Of all the sick things I’ve tweeted, starvation, genocide, rape and torture. It’s the teacher from Leeds that outrages everyone the most. I’ve upset a lot bitches today, hear them whine at the injustice’s mouthed by ‘BUCKETMOUTH’, the biggest gob this side of the river Severn.

“I hope I get into the tabloids. I can see the headline now: dole scrounging leecher makes fun of dead teacher.”

The world has gone mad. Mr Riley is a berk. That much is certain. But he no less of a pratt than the police who arrested him for giving full throat to his feeble opinions. No less of a pratt than the magistrate who jailed him for a tweet.

And he does make own valid point. You can call for an innocent woman to be raped a murdered, but if the Twitter Mob don’t like the target of your abuse, the police will leave you alone.


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