Anorak News | Watch Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z in elevator scrap! Here are the theories…

Watch Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z in elevator scrap! Here are the theories…

by | 12th, May 2014

SO, you may have been under a rock and missed the news that Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z, right in front for her sister Beyonce, in a lift.

And yes, there’s a lovely video of it.


Of course, it is cringeworthy when any of a family’s dirty laundry gets aired, especially so when all three people involved are really very famous indeed.

And while the internet gasps and cries, we’re here to offer some theories as to what the fight was all about.

Beyonce’s Sister

Solange is tired of being referred to as “Beyonce’s sister”, so not wanting to kick the coolest woman on the planet with expensive shoes, she decided to smack Hova upside his head. Sibling rivalries are one thing, but who could honestly lay a hand down on Beyonce?

Drunk In Love

The most plausible reason that Solange smacked Jay Z is that his rapping has gone from near godlike to dreadful. His verses and albums have been in steady decline and, finally snapping, Solange decided to whup Jiggaman for his awful verse on ‘Drunk In Love’. One of the biggest bangers of the year, forever destined to be mixed out by DJs before Hova starts gurgling rubbish down the mic.

Other Women

There’s a possibility that Jay Z got involved with another woman… but c’mon… he’s married to Bey who happens to be the most beautiful woman on the planet. She’s cool as hell too. Surely it can’t be that? THAT WOULD BE RIDICULOUS.

100 Problems

Solange, tired of Jay Z’s ’99 Problems’ not being rounded up, decided to give him number one hundred. It’s a nice round number. Who can blame her.


Wherever Jay Z is involved, the Illuminati is never far away from being mentioned. We can assume, what with the secret leaders of the world being all men, Beyonce let Solange get a few licks in, before telling Hova to sort it out.

Beyonce Wanted The Video Leaked

The most worrying thought is that Beyonce wanted this to be leaked. You can draw your own conclusions from that.

We woke up in the kitchen saying “How the hell did this shit happen?”

Maybe they were just really hammered and got into it after too many glasses of Grey Goose? It’s possible. People do stupid shit all the time, even when they’re really famous.

Jay Z denied entry

After the incident, Bey and Solange got in the same car with Hova denied entry. So is Jay to blame or was Beyonce just sorting her sister out to calm her down? Here’s a picture taken after Solange kicked Hova all up his nuts.


Feel free to add your own theories in the comments or on Twitter.

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