Anorak News | Manchester City Balls: Daily Mail Only Counts English Players As Worthy Premier League Winners

Manchester City Balls: Daily Mail Only Counts English Players As Worthy Premier League Winners

by | 14th, May 2014

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WHEN Noel Gallagher confronted the allegation that Manchester City bought the Premier League, we enjoyed his unravelling of those Financial Fair Play rules:

“People have slagged us off with the money and all that. But some of the players who walked past here today are some of the best players in Europe.”


But the Daily Mail has had a stab at besting Gallagher’s monocular view on the money game. The paper duly produced a  article that made Gallagher’s comments seem sage-like. The Mail wrote:

Manchester City would have been relegated (not champions) if only goals by English players counted in the Premier League

Which they don’t. But the kind of people who vote UKIP will be delighted to note that under the paper’s foreigners-ont-count rule Liverpool would have won the title.

PS: This is the Daily Mail owned by Lord Rothmere, a man of whom Private Eye magazine reportedly claimed:

The fairly significant news that a press baron whose papers take a none too indulgent line on foreigners feels a principal allegiance to another country (and France of all places) has merited not a single mention in the press. This is the omerta effect of what the Mail’s most famous editor Sir David English called the “proprietors club”. All agree not to report on the others for fear of mutual destruction.
More alarming, however, is the cover-up at HM Revenue & Customs, where boss Dave Hartnett put pressure on inspectors to drop an investigation into the bizarre arrangement under which English-born Rothermere is considered to be domiciled abroad while lording it over a neo-Palladian castle set in 220 acres of Wiltshire countryside. Hartnett’s intervention countermanded the judgement of investigators, a high-level strategy board and government lawyers that there was an overwhelming case to overturn the viscount’s non-dom status

Do the Mail’s circulation figures count if a non-English hack writes the story?

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