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Luton Muslims Fight State Intrusion Into Their Children’s Sex Lives

by | 18th, May 2014

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LUTON Olive Tree school is haven of intolerance, if the wonks are to be believed. The school says we “pride ourselves on successfully combining the attainment of high educational standards with the spiritual, religious and cultural needs of pupils who come from a variety of different social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.”


The aim is to provide an education that stresses virtues such as discipline, dedication, family values, community spirit, respect and tolerance towards others. We endeavor to achieve this goal in accordance with the Islamic faith and prepare pupils towards entry into secondary school education.

Yep. It’s a faith school. But can Islam coexist with another belief system? Ofsted’s inspectors paid a visit to the school. The kid checkers got children on their own and asked for their views on homosexuality.

Some parents thought it a bit off.

Ghulam Shah, a parent of one of the children interviewed by the Ofsted inspectors, said his 10-year-old son was upset by the way the questioning was carried out, and that as a parent he was concerned he had not been told the inspectors would be discussing sex with his children.

“He was sat with a male adult who looked him in the eye and said, ‘What do you know about gays?’ What that made him do, it made him panic, and he said ‘I don’t want to continue this conversation,’ because he felt scared, intimidated,” said Shah. “It’s horrible for a child to be in a room with somebody they’ve never met before, who’s not with a teacher and not with a parent.”

But this is about Muslims, isn’t it, not weirdos and stranger danger. After all, this is how the Mail delivers its report:


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The Daily Mail, for reasons unclear, adds:

The news that inspectors withdrew from the school comes following reports a similar line of questioning was used on Muslim pupils into an investigation into schools in Birmingham over the alleged Trojan Horse plot.

What has that row between intolerant liberals and Muslims got to do with men in shiny suits talking to children about sex?

The Trojan Horse plot involves the alleged ousting of headteachers, mainly in and around the Birmingham area, by Islamic extremists attempting to take over several top schools in a bid to target vulnerable young people. Whistleblowers at Park View School in the city have claimed the school is in the hands of a group of extremists who infiltrated the governing bod

Yes, yes. But so what? This is about The State asking kids about sex. Not there is anything wrong with a stranger asking pre-pubescent kids about their attitudes to sex. Nothing creepy about that at all:





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