Anorak News | 110% Meat: Bubbledogs Come With A Free Foreskin?

110% Meat: Bubbledogs Come With A Free Foreskin?

by | 23rd, May 2014

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IN a story on how hotdogs are making a comeback to the street of London, the Evening Standard’s Danny Buckland speaks with the founder of a company called Bubbledogs, the eatery that “led the way with its breakthrough restaurant in Charlotte Street, which now attracts queues for tables”.

He speaks with Sandia Chang, who opened Bubbledogs:

“I think a lot of people were surprised because the last time they experienced hot dogs it was not very nice processed food. But we use 110 per cent beef or pork and it is a world away from the hot dogs of old. I think hot dogs will get even more popular and there will be more restaurants serving them.”

Eh? Can you have meat that’s 110%. Is that dog wrapped in a foreskin?


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