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The Hunt For The Cheeki Rafiki: The Daily Mirror’s Desperate Hunt For A Scoop

by | 24th, May 2014

THE Mirror leads with news that the Cheeki Rafiki has been found. It even suggests that it found it. Not too long ago the world was scouring satellite images for signs of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Now we’re looking for a boat.



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The Mirror tells readers: “The lifeboats are gone”:

The hull of lost yacht Cheeki Rafiki was found last night – but there was no sign of the four missing sailors.

A US Navy diver swam out to wreckage in the middle of the Atlantic and identified the name on the back of the boat.

But two life rafts were gonesupporting hopes of the sailors’ families that the men had managed to scramble into them before the yacht sank.

Or as the Guardian puts it:

The hull of the yacht Cheeki Rafiki, which went missing a week ago with four British sailors on board, has been found by the US navy, the UK Foreign Office has confirmed. Officials said there was still no sign of the missing yachtsmen and the search had been suspended after the life raft was found unused and still attached to the vessel.

So much for comforting the family and friends of Andrew Bridge, 21; Steve Warren, 52; Paul Goslin, 56; and James Male, 23. Let’s hope they don’t get their news from the Mirror.


cheeki rafiki


The BBC sticks to the facts:

An image showing the life raft still in position had been “shared with and acknowledged by the [men’s] families”, the Coast Guard said later on Friday night.

The Mirror’s scoop is balls.

The men remain missing.

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