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Rihanna’s Perfume Banned For Coming With A Free Bear Trap

by | 4th, June 2014


THE billboard advertising a new perfume from Rihanna has been banned for being too sexy. The ban makes you want to see it. And her it is. Rihanna is leaning back with her feet rested against a massive bottle of light pinky-brown stuff called ROGUE

It’s pretty meh, isn’t it. Given that you are only one click away from seeing Rihanna rubbing her primary sexual characteristics and dry humping inanimate objects, it’s a bit out of character, a bit tame.

But complaints wer made. By two people, neither of whom were Rihanna’s agent.

So much for the pisspoor advertising. What about the perfume, which follows the singers’ cocktail cabinet of other bottled smells: Nude, Rebelle and Reb’l Fleur? They say comedy is the best aphrodisiac, so before you take a swig of ROGUE, here’s the message behind it:

ROGUE by Rihanna Bracelet Set. 75ML EDP and 4 Bracelets

Capturing the mischievous nature that lies within every modern woman, ROGUE by Rihanna has a bold yet flirty composition. Top notes of flirty Lemon Blossom and Cyclamen are mixed with Bergamot and spiced with Pink Peppercorn. The aroma evolves with Jasmine, Rose and Muguet fused together with Juicy Plum and seductive Suede. Warm notes of Sandalwood, Patchouli and Golden Amber accompanied by decadent Vanilla and sensual Musk create a bold ending.

If you’re not already in bed, legs akimbo and gagging for it, there’s more. This comes with a free bear trap:

With a chic yet edgy aesthetic, Rihanna designed this bottle reflective of her personality. From top to bottom, it showcases sensual strength with six spikes inverted at the base and rising into a soft rose gold collar and draped in a stingray-inspired motif at the cap.

Also great on Bar-B-Cues.

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