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Madeleine McCann: Bones, April Jones And A Pit

by | 5th, June 2014



MADELEINE McCann: A look at the missing child in the news.

The child renamed ‘Our Maddie, by the media is back on the front pages.

Has anything been found on the dig in Praia da Luz?

Daily Star:  “Search for Maddie: Bones from hole taken for test”


Forensic teams wearing face masks were sent in to examine the hole found hidden on wasteland under iron sheets and mounds of earth.

Last night police covered the site with two large white tents. They were later seen leaving with brimming evidence bags and a wheelbarrow with a cover over it.

There was speculation the bags may contain bones which will be subjected to DNA tests.

May contain…well, anything.

The Telegraph calls the hole a “pit“.




The Guardian says the search will continue:

Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have formally applied to extend the ground-level searches into next week as forensic experts joined the investigation.

The Liverpool Post locates the search site:

The area being searched is a few minutes’ walk from the Ocean Club resort apartment where Liverpool-born Kate McCann, husband Gerry and their children were staying.

Sky has a map:


sky has


Did the child ever leave the area?

The Mail adds:

The area is the size of three football pitches and is thought to contain at least 12 key areas of interest which officers are planning to examine.  It was chosen because a suspect who was carrying a young girl was seen walking in the direction of the site on the night that Madeleine was last seen alive.

The Telegraph notes:

Officers plan to use micro-cameras attached to fibre optic cables to investigate empty sewer pipes that criss-cross the hilly area of scrubland, known locally as the “look out” because of its prominent position overlooking Praia da Luz.




The Mail adds:

Detectives are also using ground-penetrating radar equipment and have so far found the bones of pigs and cattle – which were photographed and analysed before being ruled out as evidence.
Yesterday two cadaver dogs who were used in the search for murdered Welsh five-year-old April Jones in 2012 were helping to search the scrubland. The seven-year-old English springer spaniels – Tito and Muzzy – can cover a far larger area than humans in much less time. In the past they have uncovered bodies more than 20 years after they disappeared.

The Express has more on those dogs:

Sniffer dogs, which helped in the April Jones murder inquiry, spent the day scouring the four-acre wasteland overlooking the Atlantic. Tito and Muzzy, two specialist cadaver dogs from South Wales Police, worked with handlers Sally Richards and David Brake combing the area around the iron sheet. The five-year-old, from Machynlleth, Powys, Wales, disappeared in 2012. Her body has never been found but local man Mark Bridger was convicted of her murder after Tito and Muzzy led police to fragments of her skull in his wood-burner.




The BBC is at the scene:

While the police can’t be seen from the beach, which is packed with holidaymakers enjoying the Algarve sun, everyone here seems all too aware of the investigation.

Christina, a 35-year-old from Bournemouth on holiday with family and friends, said: “We walked down here last night and it was quite scary seeing so many police around.

“The atmosphere here feels a bit flat because of what’s happening. When you’re on holiday you don’t want to see police around but it’s completely understandable.”

Her friend Suzi, 34, said: “It’s a bit of a shame because it’s a lovely place and this does seem to have had an effect on the economy and on the people here.

“But if that was your child, you would want everything possible to be done.”

Such are the facts…

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