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Straight Outta Central Casting: First Look At The Cast For The NWA Biopic

by | 20th, June 2014

HIP HOP royalty, Dr. Dre, has shared details of the forthcoming NWA film ‘Straight Outta Compton’, stating that the biopic will see release on August 14, 2015.

The film will tell the tale of how NWA – Dr Dre, Ice Cube and the late Eazy E – came to be.

Dre and Eazy E will be played by newcomers while Ice Cube’s own son will play his father. You have to hope there’s no sex scenes with an actress playing his mother, because that would be weird.

Yesterday, Dre tweeted an image of the cast, and they really look the part, if better looking than the original members.




Ice Cube will be played by O’Shea Jackson Jr, while Dre will be played by Marcus Callender who has had some roles in Criminal Justice, Blue Bloods and Elementary. It is thought that Dre wanted Michael B Jordan, but he’s signed up for the The Fantastic Four franchise.

Eazy E’s widow, Tomica Wright, was happy for newcomer Jason Mitchell to play her late husband. He has no previous credits and was apparently working in a kitchen when he read for the part.

Typical NWA. Real rags-to-riches stuff, provided the actors pull it off. F Gary Gray will direct the film.

There’s been some great hip hop films in the past – Juice, 8 Mile, Hustle & Flow, Wild Style and more – let us hope that this is another in the bag for all hip hop heads out there.

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