Anorak News | Police Kidnap ‘Our’ Ashya King And Lock Up His Parents

Police Kidnap ‘Our’ Ashya King And Lock Up His Parents

by | 31st, August 2014

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THE police kidnapped five-year-old Ashya King, removing him from his parents, Brett and Naghemeh King. His parents are under arrest.

Ashya King has a brain tumour. Disappointed with the treamtent he was receiving on the NHS, Ashya’s parents removed him from Southampton General Hostpital and drove to Spain. British doctors did not support the move.

So. The family were hunted. And then caught.

Hampshire Assistant Chief Constable Chris Shead tells media:

“We don’t have many details on Ashya’s condition at this point in time, but what we do know is he was showing no visible signs of distress.”

Well, keep him from parents for long enough and see if the lad gets more agitated.

“There are no winners in this situation. We’ve said all along this must be a terribly distressing time for Ashya’s family and I stand by that now. I think it’s been a dreadful period for them.”

But thanks for helping. Thanks for telling us:

“The feeding system that Ashya needs and the other associated medical care is complex, and I would appeal to Ashya’s family not to think that they are able to administer this care themselves. The doctors assure me that proper medical training is required for the level of care that Ashya needs. I would also appeal to the medical profession, particularly in Spain, to contact the Spanish authorities if they feel that Ashya’s family have presented or made enquiries at medical facilities.”

Thanks for telling us last Friday:

“It is vital that we find Ashya today. His health will deteriorate rapidly. Ashya is in a wheelchair and is fed through a tube. The feeding system is battery operated and that battery will run out today He must continue to be fed through the tube by someone with the relevant medical training. If he doesn’t receive urgent medical care or the wrong treatment is given, his condition will become life threatening.”

We were being invited to save Ashya’s life in a race against time. But it was never in danger – well, not in any more danger than it ever was for the desperately ill child.

This is about the police.

Shead adds:

“It’s too soon to say when Ashya will come home, quite clearly that will depend on his medical condition, that really is a matter for the doctors, rest assured nobody is going to do anything that will endanger his medical condition.”

We can rest assured that the child is now in safe hands. He is out of  danger. The parents have been arrested. Ashya King – now dubbed ‘Our Ashya’ –  is doing fine.

Thanks, Shead, for preventing Ashya’s parents from moving freely to seek a special form of treatment in the Czech Republic.

And, get this, they do have treatment for children on the Continent. Ashya King is at Malaga’s Materno Infantil children’s hospital.

As for the innocent Brett King, he says:

“We decided to try and sort it out ourselves, but now we’re refugees almost. We can’t do anything. The police now are after us. The things we wanted to do to raise the money to pay for the proton beam [treatment], they have prevented it now … Call off this ridiculous chase. We are not neglecting our son. He is in perfectly good health … We just want t be left in peace.”


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