Anorak News | Watch a Christian Family React Terribly To Their Conservative Son Coming Out As Gay

Watch a Christian Family React Terribly To Their Conservative Son Coming Out As Gay

by | 31st, August 2014

daniel pierce


YOU’RE coming out as gay. So. You film yourself telling your Christian parents. Daniel Pierce is 19. He did just that. 

His stepmother, father, and grandparents reacted in a way it’s not to think he foresaw.


Pierce’s boyfriend set up a GoFundMe page to help Daniel move on. It’s raised at least $50,000 for Daniel’s living expenses.

Pierce’s aunt, Teri Cooper, confirmed the video’s authenticity to The Advocate, explaining that she picked Daniel up on Wednesday after responding to a frantic text alerting her that his family was trying to stage an “intervention” to “pray away the gay.” Cooper says when she arrived at the home, the family wouldn’t let her inside, but Pierce emerged with a split lip. Cooper says that wound came from his stepmother, who punched him in the mouth during the altercation that can be overheard in the video.

Hard times.

But why should the family support him if it goes against their beliefs?

Is Daniel Pierce after acceptance and tolerance or is he a young conservative who demands his family agree with him? He wants to be treated the same as anyone else, regardless of sex and race. Good. His parents might argue they want their beliefs repected. Did he do that by filming them and allowing the video to be published?

He says he was born this way. He resorts to citing science as a reason for his sexual orientation. It’s lamentable that he feels any need to explain himself. It’s not freedom, he arguing for; it’s a free acceptance of his excess baggage. Why should his sexuality be acceapted only if it’s natural? Why can’t he choose?

Julie Bindel argues:

‘There are plenty of younger gay men who are now saying we’re sick of these staid, middle-class conformists and we now want to be more radical – ditto lesbians, older generations as well as younger. They actually believe that we’ve been kowtowing for too long to this “we can’t help it, we’re born this way” idea and they don’t want this any longer, but there’s been a culture of bullying [in response to that].’

Maybe all we’re seeing is a young man defying his parents…


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