Anorak News | Transfer Deadline Day Is Forever Tied To Jim ‘The Clock IS Ticking’ White

Transfer Deadline Day Is Forever Tied To Jim ‘The Clock IS Ticking’ White

by | 1st, September 2014

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FOR those of you not au fait with Sky Sport News, Jim White is the man who “understands” from “Sky sources” that he has hours of airtime to fill until a team owned by a billionaire actually buys a footballer from another team owned by a billionaire.

Once upon a time White was just another pundit with big black cans on his ears and a windproofed ‘SKY SPORTS’ branded microphone in his paws.

And then the UK adopted Fifa’s transfer window in 2002-03. White was plucked from the Johnathans and Steves to be the face of breaking transfer deadline news. Sat at Sky HQ, White goes “LIVE” to a carpark outside a football ground to get upates from a Gary or Colin, who stand surrounded by young fans who should be at school. And older men who like smoking:



The hope is that the kids will get on the magic box and Gary or Colin will spot an actual living footballer walking into the ground holding a toiletry bag.

Such a part of the football scene is Jim that his yellow tie – the one he wears to tell you “Good work”, the closk IS ticking” and “done deal”; the one that appears to continue that Sky Sports yellow ticker up to Jim’s throat – is on display at the National Football Museum in Manchester, saved for the nation from foreign museum owners and private collectors, no doubt.

But we’re interested in ticking the clock backwards to 1984, whwen White was on Scotland today:


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