Anorak News | A Look Inside And Outside The All-Black Chicken

A Look Inside And Outside The All-Black Chicken

by | 3rd, September 2014

THE all-black Ayam Cemani Chicken of Indonesia is all black. Every bit of them – apart from the blood – is black:

Everything about it is black: plumage, beak, tongue, legs, toe nails, even its meat, bones, and organs! The only thing that is black is its blood – though it comes in a very dark shade. They get their black coloring from a generic trait known as ‘fibromelanosis’. I don’t know why you’d want to eat something that’s as black as a black hole, but don’t ever make the mistake of slaughtering it for a quick snack, because one chicken costs around $2,500!


black chicken 3


black chicken 2 black chicken 1 black chicken


File under: dark meat.


black chicken 4

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