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Ashya King: Now He’s ‘Our Ashya’ Brett and Naghemeh King Are No Longer Jehovah’s Witnesses

by | 7th, September 2014


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ONCE upon a time, cancer-striken five-year-old Ashya King had been placed in great peril by his Jehovah Witness parents Brett and Naghemeh King. Media piled in on the oddball Kings, who had done wrong in removing their son from NHS care and taking him to Spain. One paper was at pains to paint the Kings as weirdos. At every turn they were billed a Jehovah’s Witnesses. This was one of the reasons they had defied common sense and the British way to flee the country.





They were different. And they were wrong.

The good cops were “battling” to find the boy, rescue him from the oddball parents who let their chidlren play in a swimming pool.The Mirror reported:

The five-year-old has a deadly brain tumour and experts have warned he needs specialised care immediately. British officers have issued European arrest warrants for “neglect” against Ashya’s Jehovah’s Witness parents Brett, 51, and Naghmeh, 45. They took him from his hospital ward and fled on Thursday.

Their religion was highly relevant to then story, as told by the Mirror and other papers.

And then it changed. Ashya became ‘Our Ashya’. And Brett King became a new man. No longer a Jehovah’s Witness, Brett became “Property developer Brett” in the Mirror, the Standard, the Mail and the Telegraph.

The media seem to think we can’t be rooting for Ashya and the Kings if they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, but we can if his dad is a property devleoper. But who in their right mind likes them?


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