Anorak News | IndyRef: Glasgow Rangers And Celtic Fans Laugh At The IndyRef ‘Riots’

IndyRef: Glasgow Rangers And Celtic Fans Laugh At The IndyRef ‘Riots’

by | 21st, September 2014



THE DAILY MAIL says “Nazi-saluting thugs” stained the Scotland indy referendum no-vote victory celebrations in Glasgow. The Mail says things became “nasty”. There were songs, such as “You can stick your independence up your arse”, “If you hate Alex Salmond clap your hands” and the Sectarian mainstay God Save the Queen.

One drunken protester boasted that ‘Glasgow would burn for voting Yes,’ claiming it was now ‘payback time’.

The same politicians who try to ban sectarian chants at Celtic-Rangers football matches have caused real division in Scotland.

You can get a criminal record for singing a song in Scotland – a song the authorties don’t like.

In Scotland, fans are subject to the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act, a piece of illberal balls introduced by the Scottish National Party. Glasgow Rangers and Celtics fans can sings song but not support any political badge. They should not cause offence. Cause offence and the singer is in line for prison or / and a fine.

But what if your club is rooted in politcs?

What if you’re not singing about the SNP and Flower of Scotland but are Celtic fans singing ‘The Boys of the Old Brigade’ or Rangers fans giving full throat to ‘Rule Britannia’?

Well, then you’re breaking the law. You can’t say that.

How democratic is that?



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