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Kevin Pietersen Shoots His Mouth Off At Everyone

by | 6th, October 2014



CRICKET, to the uninitiated, has always seemed perfectly quaint and polite. Of course, cricket fans know that within the sport is some of the most brutal trash-talking, ego maniacs and a lot of heavy drinking.

Even the ever-so-English David Gower, who played the grinning straight man on panel show They Think It’s All Over, was a lunatic. In 1991, he went for a joy-ride in a Tiger Moth biplane after they’d been dismissed in a match, before posing with his plane in the papers the next day. Even though his captain, Graham Gooch was apoplectic with rage, it didn’t stop Gower, during the fourth Test at Adelaide, walking out to the crease to the tune of Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines.

In recent years, cricket had a loose-cannon in the prodigiously talented, but clear arsehole, Kevin Pietersen.

KP, as he’s known, has just released a book where he shoots his gob off at everyone, accusing England coach Andy Flower of ‘treating me like something stuck to the sole of his shoe’ in his biography, ‘KP:The Autobiography’

“With Flower it was always about control,’ alleges KP, who goes on to say that the gaffer wanted to ‘neutralise’ him as the team’s most talented player and “keep me on the periphery until such time as he was ready to show me the door”. That’s all well and good, but we want some sledging.

Of course, KP doesn’t disappoint, referring to Flower as “contagiously dour” and “infectiously dour” as well as referring to him as a “mood hoover”, saying that Flower was the kind of man who could suck the life out of a room just by walking through the door.

With a flourish, he describes the coach as being ‘fucking horrendous’ 95% of the time.


Naturally, the best thing about KP’s ranting is that most people disagree with this line of thinking. Flowers is no dummy, winning three Ashes series as a coach and a man who stood up to Robert Mugabe with Henry Olonga during the 2003 World Cup.

KP is, as ever, the self-professed victim in all of this, and a very entertaining one at that. We all know that, the reality is, Pietersen is a very difficult athlete and is as funny as he is wearisome.

Is Flowers to blame for his troubles or was is the person who wouldn’t put up with his bullshit? Either way, grab the popcorn because this little melodrama isn’t finished yet.

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