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11 Who Should be Cast in Ghostbusters 3?

by | 9th, October 2014


Shown in this scene from the 1984 movie "Ghostbusters" are Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, center, and Harold Ramis. (AP Photo)

Shown in this scene from the 1984 movie “Ghostbusters” are Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, center, and Harold Ramis. (AP Photo)


AS you may have heard, Ghostbusters 3 is definitely happening.

However, there’s a twist – writer and director Paul Feig says the new film will be an all-female Ghostbusters cast and he will be writing it alongside Kate Dippold (from Parks and Recreation).

Of course, some fanboiz are spitting feathers over this, as an all-female Ghostbusters isn’t what they had in mind at all. However, if the casting is right, this could be a brilliant addition to the franchise.

Feig said on Twitter: “It’s official. I’m making a new Ghostbusters & writing it with @katiedippold & yes, it will star hilarious women. That’s who I’m gonna call.”

So who could Feig cast? There’s a wealth of brilliant and funny actresses out there and everyone will have a shortlist of their own. Here are some of our favourites.


Tina Fey

Tina Fey is one of the funniest humans on the planet. Whether she’d take the Ghostbusters role is another matter, but producers should be throwing money at her.


Mayim Bialik

Perfect for the Egon role, Bialik has played Amy in The Big Bang Theory (and is a scene-stealer throughout).  She could easily pull off the furrowed brow of Egon and made you die laughing by falling over a hat-stand.



Emma Stone

For a wise-ass Bill Murray sort offering up pithy one-liners, the fantastically likeable Emma Stone could provide the sarcasm that Ghostbusters thrives on.



Amy Poehler

Another SNL great, Poehler could play the gawky Dan Aykroyd role of likeable, bumbling and hilarious Ray character. Poehler is fabulous in Parks and Recreation and is talented enough to slot into any cast.



Maya Rudolph

Yet another of SNL’s second golden generation, Maya Rudolph can pretty much do anything thrown at her. She played it relatively straight in the wonderful ‘Bridesmaids’ but is also completely unafraid of pulling ugly-ass faces for laughs. If there’s a funny singing scene with a ghoul written for the Ghostbusters 3, then she’s just the actor for the job.



Jennifer Lawrence

Everyone’s favourite, J-Law, would be just the sort of A-lister that would put bums on seats and, as she’s proven countless times, she’s not only a talented actor, but also, completely self-deprecating and piss-funny.



Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch makes everything better, so even if she isn’t considered for a main role in Ghostbusters 3 (which she should be), her presence in the film in any capacity would be more than welcome.



Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is a funny woman as it is, but she’s at her best when playing the straight role. If someone is required to look at the other Ghostbusters with bemusement and thinly-veiled contempt, then she’s a perfect fit.



Julie Bowen

If you’ve seen Modern Family, you will have seen how expertly Claire and Phil Dunphy spar with each other. If you need someone who is really good at pratfalls, as well as having the ability to explode in expert frustrated rage, Bowen is the one.



Carrie Brownstein

Brownstein has been one half of the fabulous Portlandia team for a while now, and if she’s looking for a big, blockbuster money gig, Ghostbusters 3 could be just the job. She could take the gig as the ‘Huh? You guys are mental or something’ role of Winston, as she’s done countless times with Fred Armisen.



Kristen Wiig

Perhaps the funniest human on the planet who clearly has more to her than making us laugh, yet another actor from the second golden period of SNL, Wiig could turn her hand to anything in the film and, as the natural successor to Bill Murray, she should also have money thrown at her, should she fancy the gig. That said, she is busy writing her own films at the moment.


Missed off your favourite? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter who you think should be in Ghostbusters 3

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