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Trolls: Chloe Madeley Turns Another Woman’s Rape Into A Daily Mail Column

by | 16th, October 2014

Chloe Madeley arrestedA WOMAN was raped by footballer Ched Evans. His lover went on the telly to say how she believes his innocence and stands by her man. Judy Finnigan went on the telly to say Evans should be given a another chance and that it wasn’t a violent rape, so not as bad as it might have been.

A few Twitter account holders said Judy might care to be raped to see what it’s like. Judy’s daughter, Chloe Madeley, chimed in that her mum was right. She now gets a column in the Daily Mail to tell one and all about her ordeal:

Violated in my own home by a coward on Twitter: CHLOE MADELEY on how she faced vile threats on site following her mother’s comments

And meanwhile, a woman who was a victim of rape wonders if all the opinion trolls, vain media wannabes and has-beens making careers from her pain will ever shut up.

For those still sane out there, we’ll leave you with Chloe’s words:

This week I was confronted by a man who said he was going to rape me. He didn’t leap out, knife in hand, from a dark alleyway to issue the chilling threat. He didn’t sidle up to me in a nightclub or a pub and whisper it in my ear.

Instead, he cowered anonymously behind his computer screen and sent me the vile threat through Twitter, the social media forum used by more than 270million people around the world.

Through the site, his lewd, disturbing messages reached me in my own house, indeed in my own bed, as I checked my mobile phone as soon as I woke up.

In what should be a safe and private space his words were a shocking violation.

‘Judy’s given me her blessing to rape you,’ he wrote. ‘Naturally, I have to acquire a paper bag first.’ He continued: ‘It’s not to suffocate you with or to hide one’s identity, it’s to cover up your rat-like face with the humongous nose.’

Rude. Yes. Insulting. Yes. Offensive? Yes. But illegal?

It is a warped expression of hatred for an individual and her views but is it an actual threat to rape?

It might be a crime worthy of a prison sentence. And even then the confused law is inconsitent, only operating if the police, media and judges like you. Public reaction matters in sentencing.

What a mess.

Oh, brave new world…


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