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Ched Evans And Sheffield United: Leave Your Morals At The Door

by | 21st, October 2014



MORE chatter on the Ched Evans story. The Sun features the words of Charlie Webster, a Sheffield United Patron.

Other patrons of the Yorkshire club are: Sean Bean, Chris Heaton, Dave Berry, Lindsay Graham, Glyn Rhodes MBE, Nick Matthew, Ding Junhui, Brendan Ingle MBE and Alan Hodgkinson MBE. We do not know what their views are on a range of mortal and ethical matters. Sean Bean has been divorced. Many think divorce is morally wrong. Should we care about such things?

Charlie Webster is a “TV presenter for Sky networks this includes Sky Sports News, Sky News and Sky Sports”.

She works for Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the Sun. And she tells its readers:

I WILL quit as Sheffield United patron if Ched is reinstated. I feel it is my duty to stand up to this… The sport provides role models who become our heroes. A convicted rapist is not a hero.

Ched Evans never signed up to be hero. That was the role the State and anyone who uses football as a means to control and communicate with the great unwashed chose for him. If kicking a ball makes you a hero, what does running into enemy fire to rescue a wounded colleague makes you – a superhero? Who knew that when you backed Help For Heroes you were showing your support for John Terry. If a footballer you’ve never met is a role model, what is your dad’s title?

Webster goes on:

This year I ran 250 miles to and from 40 football clubs to help stand up to violence and sexual abuse against women. The FA backed me, as did the fans, the clubs and many high-profile players. If Ched Evans plays professional football again all our hard work will be wiped out.

How so? And do note that the Sun believes in giving people a second chance, having employed John Kay.

I’ve recently heard young lads, our next generation, chant his name like he is a heroic figure. I’ve heard people openly state they feel sorry for him, but I have not heard any sympathy for his victim.

We have. We’ve heard lots of sympathy for his victim. Ched Evans is a depraved criminal. But if you want to focus on the few numbskulls who chant his name, then you’re looking for signs of stupidity. That’s easy to find. Just go on Twitter. But it’s hard to make a link that chanting for Ched makes you a pro-rape activist. Anorak has sung in praise for Arsenal’s Tony Adams. We’re no fans of drink driving, a crime for which the then Arsenal captain was imprisoned. Aligning a chant meant to be antagonistic with a horrific crime is a weak argument.

I have the utmost belief in our legal system and will accept any ruling they may subsequently make.

Good for you. The legal system says Ched Evans served his time. The law says he can work if he can find it. If he can work to the best of his ability, he should do so. Preventing him from doing so smacks not of justice but of revenge.

But until then I will not put football ahead of my morals and I will not support a convicted rapist.

No. But she will grandstand your morals. In so doing, are we to believe Webster’s fellow Sheffield United patrons have less morals than Charlie and do support a rapist?

Morals, eh…

Do these patrons support being able to watch such delights on the Sky TV channels as Sasha’s Teen Fantasies 4 and Babe In A Boot, the austerity-themed Recession Whores and on Playboy‘s My X Girlfriends (Sky channel 912) a dose of revenge porn, advertised as:

They reluctantly let me film a home movies of us fu**ing, but as we’re no longer together everyone can now see her tight holes wrap around my stiff cock…

Morals, eh. Do we all need an education?

Photo: Charlie helps out BTIG for charity. BTIG does good things for children who are without. BTIG, part owned by the Chinese,  specializes in global trading and fund services for hedge funds, mutual funds” and financal products. “BTIG traded over 46 billion shares of stock in 2013.” Is helping City traders morallt ok for all of us? And: “BTIG London, Hong Kong and Singapore trades clear through Goldman Sachs International.” That’s Goldman Sachs, the masters of morals and ethics.


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