Anorak News | Rurik Jutting: ‘Four Floors Of Whores’, Sonya Milkshake And The Death Wish

Rurik Jutting: ‘Four Floors Of Whores’, Sonya Milkshake And The Death Wish

by | 4th, November 2014

RURIK Jutting is accused of murdering two women in Hong Kong. Today’s media round-up:

The Sun: “Debauched world of psycho banker – Jutting, his Brit lover and the place they call Four Floors of Whores”

The tabloid is keen to portray Jutting as a dangerous man hiding in plain view.

Rurik Jutting, 29, went to live in Hong Kong after splitting up from his glamorous girlfriend, model and actress Sonya Dyer. He then roamed his new neighbourhood, Wan Chai, with armfuls of escort girls, regularly splashing £2,000 a night on booze and food.


But the area where Jutting and many other bankers set up home is an alcohol and drug-fuelled pit of depravity, where one rite of passage is a visit to a sex joint nicknamed “The Four Floors of Whores”.

If hiring prostitutes is a crime – which it should not be if all adults are conssenting – what does it say about some famous footballers, say?

One banker who lived in Wan Chai said the area could easily drive an expat mad. They said: “You live in a bubble, totally detached from your old life. Alcohol, drugs and prostitutes are rife in banking circles and many expats end up living strange, warped existences.”

Alcohol, drugs and prostitutes are rife in all circles.

One waiter in Joe Bananas said: “He would come in here waving fistfuls of dollars and slam them down on the table. He’d order bottles of champagne and vodka and run up £2,000 tabs. He was a good tipper and would always pay us well. Every time he came in he would have at least five or six girls hanging off him and giggling.”

Prostitutes do as prostitutes will…

A barman in Dusk to Dawn said: “He was in here at least twice a week and was a high spender. There were always women with him.”… Another banker said the area was “as seedy as hell.” They added: “If you’re an expat and a banker, you can live a very dirty life of strip clubs, whore houses, etc, and end up thinking it’s normal.”

What of the “The Four Floors of Whores”?

One said: “It’s an immoral maze of dive bars and dim sum.”

Is that meant to make is snigger?

Sex with one of the women costs about £200. Drugs are easy to come by and the cops don’t seem to care.”

The cops seem grown up, adult, even.

Jutting quit his £350,000-a-year job at Bank of America last week… Last night more details of Jutting’s love life emerged. One ex said: “He liked a variety of sex, two or three girls. He was never violent.”

Ah. But that’s won’t do. So the Sun adds:

RURIK Jutting repeatedly watched serial killer movie American Psycho, a former school pal revealed… The grisly film was screened on a Saturday night in 2000 for pupils at posh Winchester College. One ex-pupil said: “He was sat right at the front. The next morning I went to the TV room to watch the repeat of Match of the Day at about 8am. There he was sitting watching American Psycho again. He was on his own in a dark room, leaning forward with his hands on his knees. It did freak me out.”

Send the man down!

The Telegraph has more on Jutting’s personal life:

Rurik Jutting, the British banker charged with murdering two alleged prostitutes in Hong Kong, counts a London-born glamour model among his former girlfriends, the Telegraph has learned.
Sonya Loretta Dyer, who sometimes goes by the pseudonym “Sonya Milkshake”, was dating Mr Jutting, 29, for “several years” before his arrest this week. Mr Jutting was remanded in custody on Monday after a brief court appearance following the discovery of one woman’s decapitated body in a suitcase on his balcony and another who was lying naked with her throat slashed in his living room.

Ms Dyer featured in a number of racy publications, including on the cover of CandymagUK, which styles itself as an “urban glamour and lifestyle” magazine for men. She has also appeared in a suggestive video for the magazine in 2010, in which she danced in a metallic bikini top and skirt, with milkshake poured down her face and cleavage suggestively. “I’m keeping it sexy and keeping it funky,” she told viewers. “I’ve got the yellow banana milkshake. I’m also going to be pouring some strawberry milkshake over me, so watch as I get dirty.”

Sure. She also apepared in How to Lose Friends And Alienaate People. But that sounds a lot less titilating. So. Let’s stick with the soft porn.

The Mail has more:

Channel 4 News said it had spoken to a former girlfriend who claimed Jutting was deeply unhappy because of his job. The woman, who did not want to be named, dated Jutting for about two months after meeting him in July 2013 – the month he moved to Hong Kong – in a bar where she worked. ‘He’s a perfectionist,’ she told the programme. ‘He was a very nice person with me because I was his girlfriend. He was always strict with other people. He told me that he had financial problems and some issues with stuff. Last October he told me that he tried to kill himself. I think he tried to kill himself because he’s under pressure with his job. He was depressed.’ She added: ‘He liked a variety of sex, two or three girls. He was never violent towards me.’

Such are the facts…

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