Anorak News | Claudia Winkleman: Daughter ‘Catches Fire’ And UKIP Would See Her Burn

Claudia Winkleman: Daughter ‘Catches Fire’ And UKIP Would See Her Burn

by | 5th, November 2014

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CLAUDIA Winkleman is on the front pages. Her eight-year-old daughter, Matilda, has been taken to  hospital on Friday after her Halloween costume caught alight.

The Strictly Come Dancing presenter has since issued a statement:

“Our daughter was involved in an accident on Friday night while celebrating Halloween. She is having the best care possible and we are hopeful of a full recovery. We would like to thank everyone that has been so supportive and particularly the NHS doctors, nurses and staff who have been absolutely incredible. We would like to take this opportunity to remind anyone taking part in fireworks parties or Guy Fawkes celebrations to be vigilant about the dangers of candles, open fires and fireworks and to be please have the appropriate safety measures in place and to hand.”

Such are the facts. But what about the sensation?

All tabloids agree that it is a “horror”.

The Star has more sensational news:

Claudia Winkleman’s daughter ‘catches fire’ in freak Halloween accident

She caught fire?

In the Mirror that “freak accident” becomes something that could happen to any child.

Sheila Merrill of the RoSPA tells how we can be safe:

In many cases, these fancy dress outfits don’t fit the person well, and have multiple layers, meaning kids can trip up in them.

Our advice to parents buying any kind of fancy dress – whether it’s costumes, wigs or masks – is that they check they carry the CE mark. This means it complies with European legislation, which makes it safer.

EU Politicss made your child safer. UKIP and some Tories would see them burn.

The Mirror then touchingly gets an expert to say that Maitila’ds burns “may require skin grafts. Grafts are used to create the best cosmetic scar, but unfortunately there will still be permanent scars.”

And we get to live inside Claudia’s head:

It is particularly upsetting when a child sustains a burn injury. We have to have psychologists to help the families affected, because in many ways the emotional scars caused by burns are almost as bad as the physical ones.

The Mail news:

The cape of the youngster’s witch outfit ‘went up like a fireball’ after she brushed against some candles in a pumpkin while she was trick or treating.


The neighbour said: ‘Apparently there were candles outside [the house] and you know how all these costumes are made of highly flammable material.’ She added: ‘The poor girl’s dress literally went up in a fireball and somebody tried to put it out. They pushed her to the ground and sort of rolled her over and tried to put it out but by that time she had got burnt on her fingers and her arm. His [the man who tried to help] fingers got burnt as well. They were literally just on their way [trick or treating], it was right at the start. It’s awful, awful.’

Such are the facts…

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