Anorak News | What really happened to X Factor judge Mel B: the driver affair and a magic husband

What really happened to X Factor judge Mel B: the driver affair and a magic husband

by | 14th, December 2014

Mel B – nee Melanie Brown and known later as Scary Spice – is all over the tabloids. The X Factor final is on the tell. And Mel B. one of this show’s judges, is ill.

The Sun has an “exclusive”:  “MEL SAVED BY DRIVER.”


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How poorly is Mel B?

MEL B’s driver made a desperate dash to hospital when she collapsed on her way to X Factor rehearsals. Her terrified chauffeur rushed her to an A&E department after spotting her doubled over on the seat. The star, 39, has had tests for a virus and ulcer and missed last night’s final.

But how ill is she? Is she ill?

Her husband Stephen Belafonte was nowhere to be seen yesterday — sparking concerns that the pair had an argument.

It’s a row-induced condition?

A friend said: “Mel is in a terrible state, physically and emotionally. She is very weak and she is being given treatment to help her with the pain. But she is also very upset. She could have died on Thursday and yet one of the only people who has been by her side comforting her is the chauffeur.”

But how ill is she?

She is recovering and was believed to be in a stable condition yesterday.

So. It’s on with the show – and just in time for the final?!

But the friend said: “Nobody thinks there is the tiniest chance of her making it back. She is just far too fragile. Even if she was discharged from hospital today she wouldn’t have the strength to appear. The anxiety and emotional stress she’s been under are also taking their toll.”

Back to the driver to whom Mel “owes her life”.

A source said: “Mel seemed OK when she first got into the car — but during the journey it gradually became clear something was very wrong. She was complaining about stomach pains that seemed to grow worse and worse, until she was in agony. She was crying out.”

The heroic driver spotted his clients crying out in pain. Give him an “I Spy’ badge.

“Mel was in so much pain that the driver rushed her straight to hospital. It was a terrifying episode — he had no idea if Mel was going to be OK or not. He’s been the one constant at her side ever since. Nobody knows where Stephen is.”

The driver is at her side constantly. He is “comforting” her? Is the Sun trying to tell us something?

But how ill is Mel B?

Referring to the hospital drama, the source added: “Very few people know what is wrong with Mel. Only those closest to her understand how serious a state she was in. For hours after her collapse, the show team knew she was in hospital but had no idea how serious it was, because they couldn’t contact her.”

She collapsed? But the driver said she was doubled in pain in the car?

Facts are shaky. Can the Mirror sort them out? Yesterday, it told readers that Melanie Brown was in hospital:

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And today. Mel B’s illness is still front-page news:

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Readers learn:

X Factor final 2014: Mel B fears as star is in specialist hospital unit

Simon Boyle says Mel B is “serously ill. And to think her heartless husband is not by her side:

The Spice Girl, 39, was in a high dependency unit – a level down from intensive care – with security on guard and worried husband Stephen Belafonte at her bedside.

Is the driver there, too?

Such are the facts in the tabloid exclsuives…

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