Anorak News | Sydney siege: what we know, don’t know and bumping into the gunman’s hard centre

Sydney siege: what we know, don’t know and bumping into the gunman’s hard centre

by | 15th, December 2014

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To Sydney, where a bearded gunman is holding around 12 people hostage at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Martin Place. The hostages are holding aloft an Islamic flag.

The Sun translates:

“There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

Five people have escaped.


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Lindt Australia CEO Steve Loane says the number of hostages might be far higher:

“The best information is that there’s like 40 or 50 people in there, customers and employees included. That’s a rough figure.”

Reactions are fierce:


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The eyewitness:

Craig Stoker saw the man, who is now hiding behind women in the chocolate shop:

“He was wearing a black T-shirt with white writing on it and a headband and carrying a blue bag.

“The bag bumped into me and there was something hard in it.

“I said ‘watch where you are f***ing going’.

“He turned round and said ‘do you want me to shoot you too?’ I looked into his eyes and they were crazy,” said Mr Stoker, a father of four from Eastlakes. “I was pretty freaked out.”

The bearded man was with two others who were similarly dressed.

No-one has been physically hurt. But the Sun says:

Hostages were said to have been forced into each window of the cafe with their hands up against the glass. And footage looked to show a woman hostage running her finger across her throat in a chilling gesture.

The Mail looks at the man’s weaponry:

police ‘make contact’ with Muslim extremist armed with a shotgun, machete and suspected bomb

A suspected bomb is not an actual bomb.

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