Anorak News | Adele splits from Simon: let’s all hate the singer who ‘snubbed’ chugging Bob Geldof

Adele splits from Simon: let’s all hate the singer who ‘snubbed’ chugging Bob Geldof

by | 28th, December 2014



The Sun’s “exclusive” that Adele and Simon Konecki are no longer an item has been picked up by the other tabloids.

The Sun says:

News of their separate lives comes as Adele, 26, prepares to release the follow-up album to her global smashes 19 and 21 which laid bare her heartache at failed relationships.

A few hours later the Mirror says:

Her new album was due out before Christmas but is apparently still not finished and there is no release date.

In the Sun, news of a break-up contains the faint whiff of a PR stunt. The last time Sun readers read of Adele she was front-page news for “snubbing” chugging Bob Geldof’s dusting off of the refrain Do They Know It’s Christmas? for African Ebola victims. In no fewer than four other articles does the Sun repeat that Adele “snubbed” Geldof.

Once again the Sun is keen to mention how Adele let Sir Bob down:

Adele, who is worth an estimated £45million, last month turned down the chance to sing on Bob Geldof’s Band Aid single to raise funds for Ebola victims.

Nice touch to mention her wealth and then how she “turned down” Geldolf and his groups of selfless singers working for the impoverished and sick.

Bob told The Sun how he made more than 100 calls to the superstar’s team to convince her to sing on Do They Know It’s Christmas? but he never heard back from them.

Having endured what sounds like harassment, Adele carried on with her private life, happy to think for herself and not be press-ganged into the big band of celebrity chuggers.

The Sun is not yet finished, dusting off an Adele quote:

“I am never writing a break-up record again, by the way. I’m done with being a bitter witch.”

That’s Adele, the anti-Bob, who made a fortune from singing  of “failed relationships” and who has an album due out soon.

Words from Adele: none. Maybe if the Sun calls her more than 200 times, she’ll reply…



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