Anorak News | MDPV will turn you into a cross-dressing, goat-killing, human flesh-eating arsonist

MDPV will turn you into a cross-dressing, goat-killing, human flesh-eating arsonist

by | 1st, January 2015

The kids are taking cannibal. It’s a drug called MDPV, which is short for Methylenedioxypyrovalerone.

The Sun reports on the drug in the story headlined:

Cannibal killer

New drug gives users urge to eat human flesh

The report is terrifying:

A TERRIFYING drug called “cannibal” that makes users want to bite other people’s flesh is tightening its grip on the British party scene. The chemical — officially known as MDPV — is one of a range of synthetic amphetamines labelled “bath salts”.

It is linked to schizophrenic episodes and serious physical health problems as well as horrific “cannibal attacks”.

How dangeorus is it?

They are known to be even more damaging for users’ mental health than substances such as ecstasy and cocaine.

And they turn you into a pyromaniac:

Two months ago, police warned increasing bath salt use was fuelling a wave of assaults and revealed a disturbing trend of takers setting fire to their homes. The drug was even linked to the murder of 22-year-old shopworker Cerys Yemm by “cannibal killer” Matthew Williams in South Wales in November.

A key witness said Williams had “an ounce” of mephedrone on him and had been injecting himself with it before the attack, where he was allegedly found eating his victim’s face.

Williams died after he was shot by a police Taser. A source told media:

“He had an ounce of miaow-miaow on him and at some stage he injected himself… He was also taking large quantities of prescription beta-blockers given to him to help overcome his drugs habit when he was released from jail.”

The Sun told readers:

CANNIBAL killer Matthew Williams bit off part of his victim’s face after taking a huge cocktail of mind-bending drugs, a friend revealed. Boozed-up Williams, 34, smoked cannabis and took prescription drugs before injecting miaow-miaow shortly before mauling Cerys Yemm.

He pretty much took anything he could get his hands on, by the sound of it. But how did a man in a bail hostel get a woman into his room and so many drugs (he’d been released from a prison term for attacking his girlfriend)?

Convicted thug Williams, who was released from prison just weeks earlier, told pals he was hearing voices and hallucinating before savaging the 22-year-old in his hotel room.

So. Cannibal was “linked” to the killer. But there is no proof that it triggered the horrednous crime. He had drunk a lot and had a history of serious mental helth issues.

Williams, 34, died after being shot with a Taser by police.

Previously, we’ve ben told that bath salts drove Charleston, West Virginia man Mark Thompson to wander around the woods in a bra and panties and covered in the blood of his neighbor’s pygmy goat, which he had killed in his bedroom. He had been high on “bath salts” for three days.

And the Mirror told us that bath salts would end sopcial cohesion.

One user told the Sean O’Rourke show on RTE Radio One that it was the worst drug he had ever seen. He said: “I’ve seen people strung out on it now, that are injecting it, smoking it.They’re paranoid 24/7, they think people are after them, looking for things that aren’t there. It’s crazy. It’s starting to take a hold and when it does Dublin is going to be ruined because of it.”

But the Sun is upping the ante. It looks for more examples of cannibal at work:

It was the cannibal line of bath salts which was linked to a series of bizarre biting attacks involving British tourists abroad last year. Connor Moore, 22, of Walsall, West Mids, was partying in Magaluf nightclub Bananas last summer when a thug high on cannibal leapt at him, biting a chunk out of his ear.

Was the thug high on cannibal? The Daily Mail reproted:

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Mr Moore, from Walsall, West Midlands, said: ‘It was like he was possessed. The pain was so excruciating I passed out.’  The rep also said the attacker had been on the drug cannibal which is believed to send users into a demented state where they bite people.

We don’t know. He might have been.

The Sun adds example 3

In another assault involving bath salts last summer, ten cops in Majorca struggled to arrest a British tourist believed to be high on cannibal after he tried to bite sunbathers on a beach. The man, who later admitted he had taken “a load of drugs” tried to sink his teeth into police and ambulance staff before screaming wildly as he was pinned to the floor.

The man had taken lots of drugs.

He might have taken cannibal. He might not have. A crazed loon might not make the best witness to what he had or had not taken. And there is no toxicology report linked to his antics. None of this is to say that MDVP is not dangerous. Of course it is. It’s designed to alter your mind. And mind’s can be unpredictable things.

There was also an incident where a 17-year-old English girl had to be hospitalised in Magaluf after biting people when her drink was apparently spiked with cannibal. Users in Ibiza became ill after taking the drug and medical staff described users as acting “more like zombies than patients”.

So. Still no proof that the drug make you eat people.

The Sun then buys some online:

…Our single gram cost £19.90, more than £30 cheaper than the equivalent quantity of cocaine. But by ordering in bulk, it is possible to reduce the price to as little as £10 a gram.

The low price is said to be one of the major factors in its growing popularity.

Well, yes.

Such is the drug’s fearsome reputation that many users call it the “most dangerous powdered evil”, saying it has left them unable to control their own body and caused panic attacks.

Bak in the Mail, we learn:

The synthetic drug has previously been linked to a horrific attack which saw an alleged user chew off the face of a homeless man before being shot dead by police in Miami two years ago….

The Miami New Times had a word on that:

In May 2012, the nation first caught wind of “bath salts” thanks to the “Miami Cannibal” attack. In the hours after Rudy Eugene chewed the face off homeless man Ronald Poppo near the MacArthur Causeway and was fatally shot by cops, a Miami Police spokesman speculated that the synthetic drug might have driven Eugene’s madness.

The only problem is that bath salts were never found in Eugene’s body in any postmortem exams. And last week, as scientists presented one of the most comprehensive reviews yet of the drug’s effects on the human body, the evidence seems stronger than ever that bath salts aren’t likely to cause a craving for human flesh.

“Young people still associate bath salts with cannibalism,” Michael Baumann, head of the Designer Drug Research Unit at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, tells Riptide, “despite the fact that there’s no truth to the Miami Cannibal’s connection to bath salts.”

And, as the reports:

A bath-salt high comes down to a neurotransmitter chemical called dopamine. Under normal conditions, nerve cells release dopamine when we eat a piece of cake or have sex, giving us feelings of pleasure and reward in the brain. The feeling fades, as the nerve cell reuptakes dopamine. Messing with this process can drive addiction. Cathinones called mephedrone and methylone function like ecstasy, which makes nerve cells release more dopamine. At the same time, another bath salts ingredient called methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) acts like cocaine and blocks the reuptake of dopamine and the neurotransmitter called norepinephrine, leaving them to freely circulate in the space between nerve cells. By itself, MDPV is about 10 times more potent than cocaine.

When the two types of cathinones act on nerve cells in synergy, users end up with a lot of dopamine in the space between cells. The excess dopamine starts a cascade of reward signals, while excess norepinephrine probably speeds up the heart rate. Users get a sense of altered consciousness and high energy, escalating to delirium and agitation after high doses or chronic use. The drugs have been linked to some utterly bizarre behavior, from demon baby paranoia to half-naked goat killings. Some users experience hyperthermia, cardiovascular problems and even death.

MDPV can also plug dopamine reuptake for a while, which is why users can still feel effects the next day. A separate study presented at this week’s meeting found that MDPV’s lingering impact messes with the brain’s connectivity networks, based on brain scans of mice dosed with the drug. If some parts of the brain can’t talk to other regions, that could account for some of the weirder stories linked to bath salt use.

So. Batch salts will poison your system. But they probably won’t tusn you into a nutter who barbecues human flesh…

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