Anorak News | Miley Cyrus in drugs and cider enema shocker

Miley Cyrus in drugs and cider enema shocker

by | 4th, January 2015

The Sun has shocking news on Miley Cyrus:


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Fans of pop music wonder. Can it be true? Can it be that young, rich and famous Miley Cyrus isn’t on drugs, that she actually listens to her music sober?!

Reading on, we’re told:

MILEY Cyrus sits working in her unicorn onesie opposite what appears to be a table covered in drugs.

Phew! We were worried about her mental state. But now we realise she’s ok. The drugs do make it bearable.

As Miley uses her laptop, on the table in front of her appears to be a pile of cannabis, a pack of rolling papers, a rolled-up banknote and a vial of white powder.

But she’s only using her laptop. She’s not using the stimulants.

Those of you who need five pints of White Lightning and a cider enema to fully endure her last album are fearful.

Says one Sun insider: “Admittedly, the story is just a desperate attempt to get hits, drive up web traffic in the brand, which in turn would allow us to increase our advertising revenue. Oh, And can you ask Miley whe she got that killer onesie?”


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