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Rhinos mastermind zoo breakout

by | 9th, January 2015

rhino escape


Rhinos are surprisingly bright. The Austrian Times reports:

A young female rhinoceros named Rihanna led two pals on an escape bid from a safari park last Thursday after spotting a security guard had fallen asleep.

There’s a look out rhino? There’s always a look out rhino. They make great looks out. No-one suspects the rhino:

The rhinos escaped from the front entrance of the Ramat Gan Safari Park in the city of Ramat Gan in Tel Aviv… Although another employee of the park gave chase, it was too late to stop the white rhinos from hitting the road. An enquiry is now ongoing to find out why the gate to their enclosure and the gate to the facility itself had been left open.

Those horns are good on locks.

Police who got a call to say that three rhinos were on the loose said that they initially doubted it, but when they realised it was true they had stopped the animals’ further escape with a roadblock. 

When rhinos escape, you call the police? Are they escaped convicts? What’s the crime? What’s the evidence? What’s the charge (geddit?!)?

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