Anorak News | The Persecution of Ched Evans: slum player in Hillsborough ‘fury’

The Persecution of Ched Evans: slum player in Hillsborough ‘fury’

by | 9th, January 2015

Did the chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association compare the “plight” of Ched Evans, the footballer jailed for raping a woman at a north Wales hotel, to the Hillsborough disaster?

The Times says he did:


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The Times reports:

Yesterday it was announced that Evans’s move to Oldham Athletic had collapsed, and he also apologised “for the effects” of his actions, while continuing to maintain his innocence. After the announcement, Gordon Taylor caused outrage when he made the “insensitive parallel” in a Radio 5 Live interview.

Who was outraged? Did Taylor really comapre Ched Evens to one of the Hillsborough victims, the dead killed by the State and police’s treatment of a “slum people watching a slum sport“? If he did, then his point should be that just as back then when football fans were viewed as a riot waiting to happen, they are now portrayed as a slack-jawed mob of fools who see footballers as “role models”.

The Mirror agrees:


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Back to the Times:

Several people took to Twitter last night calling for his resignation.

That’s what people on Twitter do; they are offended. They demand people lose their jobs and livelihoods. Then they move swiftly on to the next hunt.

Mr Taylor apologised, saying that “the last thing I intended to do was to upset anybody connected to the Hillsborough case”. What’s lamentatble is that he thought he had something to say sorry for.

So. Do you want to hear what he said, how he cause “outrage” by saying “the Ched Evans csae is like Hisllsborough”. Here you are. And listen out for the bit when he doesn’t say anything of the sort:



Ched Evans: it’s not retribiution the mob want, it’s revenge.


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