Anorak News | Daily Mail Health Tuesday: street lights give you cancer and doctors cannot be trusted

Daily Mail Health Tuesday: street lights give you cancer and doctors cannot be trusted

by | 20th, January 2015

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It’s Health Tuesday in the Daily Mail. What news ways to fall ill and die are there this week?

Page 5: “Do your knees hurt as you climb up the stairs? It could be the first sign of arthritis”

Or not.

Pages 34-35: ” How Docors Keep Young. They will do anything to steer clear of other doctors! And you can learn from them by avoiding medicines and ops you don’t really need.”

These are the “secrets” doctors don’t want you to know.

There follows a litancy of causes for worry:

Death by Trial: “Trials of a new treatment that have produced a positive result are more likely to be published than reports about trials of the same drug that didn’t have a positive result.”

Death by screening: “Laboratory, screening or radiological investigations often produce what are called false positive results, suggesting that disease is present when it is not. This can lead to unnecessary follow-up tests and treatments, which could be risky and harmful.”

Death by scanning: “CT scanning raises the risk of cancer because of radiation.”

Death by medicine: “Any medical intervention – a test, operation or drug – will have harmful side-effects for some people, even when carried out by the best doctor in the country.”

Page 36: Street lighting give you cancer: “Women loving in the area withy the brightest  outdoor light  at night ‘may be at the incresed risk of  breast cancer”

Oh, and “female night-shift workers have a higher risk of breast canecr.

So, yeah, that crappy job is kiling you. Maybe.

Page 45: “The patients told they are depressed or anxious when a simple virus is to blame”

The doctor is making you depressed and anxious.

Page 47: “How safe are your valuables in hospital?”

Your, er, crown jewels?

“There no worse time to fall victim to theft – but as our investigation shows it’s heartbreakingly all too common”

Hospitals are full of bad (yet youthful) doctors and thieves!

Page 48: “Why I fear GPs are losing the skills they need to care for patients,” writes ‘The Mail’s GP”

Page 50: “The hygiene products that prey on female fears”

Page 51: “Mum was right! Going out in the rain CAN give you a cold”

Be afraid!





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