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Je suis Page 3: The Sun is no Charlie Hebdo

by | 20th, January 2015

So. The Sun caved into pressure from the righteous and dropped Page 3. Punters keen on tabloid news with a dash of topless stunna will be forced to read the Daily Star (or watch Sky TV with subtitles whilst surfing the web for bewitching breasts).

Sun readers have been saved from themselves. They will no longer see women’s naked breasts as arousing sex objects. They will go to arthouse cinemas and see naked breasts as part of the plot. They will see a star’s bare bosoms on the telly and understand that the plot demanded it. They will read National Geographic. They will know better.

Glamour mo-dels have been spared the shame of Page 3 and all those tawdry tabloid-readers’ eyeballs and raise their aspirations to, say a French beach, the top shelf or The Guardian.

Eveything wrong has been made right.




The censors won! Long live the censors!

Hurrah for bansturbation!

Artwork by Happy Toast.

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