Anorak News | The fat-abusing Sun says the fat suffer ‘nightmare abuse’

The fat-abusing Sun says the fat suffer ‘nightmare abuse’

by | 21st, January 2015

In “SUN GIRL’S DAY FROM  HELL”, Amy Jones (size 8) pulls on a fat suit and heads off to: the gym (“A child points and laughs”); the bus stop (“A gaggle of kids point and giggle”); lunch (“customers stare as I order the  Steakhouse Meal”); the pub (“no one rushes to serve me”); a saucy lingerie shop (the cut-away playsuit is not in her size); and the Tube (I’m me with accusatory stares”).





Good job fat tourist Amy can pull off her ridiculous rubbery get-up (Why do they stare? Why?) and put an end to the “abuse”. At her Sun desk, Amy says “40 percent of Brits are the target to personal insults at least once a week”. She learns that “criticism is unhelpful when it comes to losing weight”.




Amy Jones may care to flick through back copies of the Sun and learn that a fat suit is one thing but get fat and – look out! –  her collegues will be on her:

There is Fat Wayne Rooney, who is mocked-up and mocked by the Sun:




And a few more examples of “nightmare abuse”:

the sun fat 2

the sun 1





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