Anorak News | Necropants: The hairy trousers made from the skin of a dead man

Necropants: The hairy trousers made from the skin of a dead man

by | 23rd, January 2015

Behold! The last word in walking trousers. These trousers used to walk! Cop a load these hairy necropants housed in Strandagaldur, the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft.


dead man walking


These vines are not for sale. But how can you get your own man strides?

Well, since you ask, the museum will tell:

If you want to make your own necropants (literally; nábrók) you have to get permission from a living man to use his skin after his dead.

Not dead skin from the living. That’s like sewing soap.

After he has been buried you must dig up his body and flay the skin of the corpse in one piece from the waist down. As soon as you step into the pants they will stick to your own skin. A coin must be stolen from a poor widow and placed in the scrotum along with the magical sign, nábrókarstafur, written on a piece of paper. Consequently the coin will draw money into the scrotum so it will never be empty, as long as the original coin is not removed. To ensure salvation the owner has to convince someone else to overtake the pants and step into each leg as soon as he gets out of it. The necropants will thus keep the money-gathering nature for generations.




Necropants. Ask for them by brand name. And then sit tight until the men in white coats arrive and the pills kick in…

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