Anorak News | Asbos for vocal victims who attack Muslims: rally for truth

Asbos for vocal victims who attack Muslims: rally for truth

by | 24th, January 2015

News in the Daily Mail is that a “Muslim gang” has been “barred from gathering in large groups and burning flags after violent outbursts at rallies led by hate preacher Anjem Choudary”.

Choudary is a showy irritant, the familiar face of British Islamism on the telly because gurning loons Omar Barki – the ‘Tottenham Taliban’ – and Abu Hamza – the one-eyed, no-handed purple people eater – have left the country. The British media interviewed all the men who shout at pigeons in the precinct to be the face of Islamism UK and came up with nothing very frightening. So. Image-conscious Choudary stepped forward, a man who ticks boxes to be a radical Islamist but fails to be the full tonto.

Back to the Mail’s news that 12 men have received Asbos.

Is this big news?

In 2013, 1,349 ASBOs were issued… in total since 1 June 2000, 86% of ASBOs have been issued to males…


Twelve Muslim men have been banned from gathering in large groups after violent outbursts at a rally led by radical hate preacher Anjem Choudary. Four of the men have been served with a three-year anti-social behaviour order that also prevents them from carrying flags or setting fire to items in protest. Judge Paul Worsley QC said the orders were necessary to protect members of the public.

Banned from carrying flags? Mabye shouty T-shirt slogans are the way forward? And they can burn smoking devices and braziers. So. They keep the matches.

Two of them, Mirza Ali and Abu Aziz, 32, have already left the UK and are believed to be in Syria.

Anyhow, about those Muslims, the word that leads the Mail’s coverage:

Four of the group of Sunni Muslims – Ali, Uddin, Alamgir, and Khan – were involved in an attack on rival Shia Muslims during a protest march in Edgware Road on 10 May.

Sectarian violence broke out during the rally, organised by Choudary, at which the hate preacher was calling out for jihad in Syria. Two men were beaten to the ground as members of the violent mob screamed: ‘This is what is going to happen to all Shia’ and ‘Shias are kaffirs. They are the enemy within. They are evil.’

So. The victims were peaceful Muslims.

The Mirror’s take on the same story makes the Muslim angle less overt:

Hate preacher’s 12 followers BANNED from joining him on demos for three years

The Telegraph goes with:

Hate mob of Islamist extremists banned from burning flags in public. Ten men have been handed Asbos following a violent protest calling for jihad in Syria…

Around a week later, nine of the men then took part attacking a football fan as they ran an extremist Islamist stall on Oxford Street, London, haranguing shoppers. Following the attack the men began shouting “**** the Queen”

The Telegraph’s report mentions the word ‘Muslim’ not once. The Mail mentions the word ‘Muslim’ six times.

Why the difference? Is it fear, an agenda or oversight?

It’s all gone very weird. Beating someone up is a crime in anyone’s book, including if the villains create ‘extremist’ groups in the apparent hope they are banned and official censoring can cement their victimhood.

Just stick to the facts. And don’t construct the violently vain into a representation of anyone but themselves…

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