Anorak News | Daily Mail scare stories: The Pill gives you brain cancer and the NHS approves sex with 10-year-olds

Daily Mail scare stories: The Pill gives you brain cancer and the NHS approves sex with 10-year-olds

by | 28th, January 2015

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Health Tuesday: Anorak’s look at news ways to fall ill and die in the Daily Mail’s mid-week illness special.

Page 5: “How popular hayfever pills could raise Alzheimer’s risk”

Or could not.

Page 9: “Contraceptive implants for girl as young as ten”

In the past five years four ten-year-olds, “one aged 11 and 53 aged 12” have been fitted with the devices. Why? Ollie Gillman and Sophie Borland can’t find out, what with ppatient confidentiality. So. They guess..

“…the implant would be fitted only if  there were serious concerns over the exploitation and abuse of a vulnerable child”.

So. Rather than removing the child to palce of safety , the NHS just does them up with drugs? Really?

The Mail then quotes a “senior GP from Leicester”, “one area where girls of ten were given devices.” No. Not girls. The Mail found one 10-year-old.

The implant releases progesterone. The NHS explains:

Progesterone (Proh-jest-er-rone) is a medicine which is used in premenstrual syndrome and post-natal depression.

So. The drugs could be salving crippling period pains or acute hormone imbalance, leading to, say, severe anxiety? But who nees facts when news that the NHS is encouraging children to have sex.

Page 32-33: “Why Were We All Misdiagnosed?”

As more and more of us are told we’ve an irritable bowel, how doctors may be missing problems that are evern WORSE

Reading on:

All those wasted months have wrecked my health

I’ve lost a whole year of my life

My terrible pain was due to endometriosis

Two people had bowel cancer

Page 43: “It’s not just hot flushes – women’s hormones also twigger ASTHMA”

Page 46: “i gave a kidney to my wife – but a bungled op meant it was all in vain”

Who fears death most? Priest and nuns”

And Daily Mail readers.

And it would not be the Daily Mail without a cancer scare sgory:

Taking the Pill ‘may increase the risk of brain cancer’

Such are the facts.


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