Anorak News | Woman jailed for spinning children too quickly on playground merry-go-round

Woman jailed for spinning children too quickly on playground merry-go-round

by | 28th, January 2015



Other Parents presents Kylie Radatti, 34, now doing time for crimes at Justins Park in Burleigh, Queensland, Australia.

Radatti tells Southport Magistrates Court:

“I was just having a good time and I told one little kid, ‘I’m going to go fast, do you want to jump on?’ and he said he’d have a go. He had a bit of a scream then he got off and the other kids jumped on and off we went. There was one family that decided they wanted to ring the police and they hunted me down and handcuffed me in front of everyone. They took me away from the park and wouldn’t even let me get my bag so I can’t even get into my house. I was having a good night and everyone enjoyed me and there’s always got to be one who’s got to make a big deal of it.”

Prosecutor Ben Fotheringham provides a differnet view of the merry-go-round.

“The defendant began spinning the merry-go-round faster and faster, causing the four-year-old to scream out for help. It’s said the four-year-old was incredibly distressed from being spun around. Two people had to physically restrain Radatti to stop her spinning the child and to move her out of the way.”

In defence is solicitor Matt Maloy:

“My client instructs she had done that for a number of children on the evening in question. When the four-year-old in question got off, more children got on, wanting her to do it with them. My client was heavily intoxicated and merry at the time. This is not a matter that involves violence. This is possibly what could best be described as poor decision making, but no other parents were opposed to this. She was of the view that she was playing with the children and the children were enjoying it.”

Magistrate Dermot Kehoe has heard enough:

 “It’s not fun and games to have a complete stranger going up and spinning children around. If you don’t know the children, you shouldn’t be playing with them.”

Anorak suggest sentencing Ms Radatti to five hours a day on the merry-go-round holding the sign declaring ‘Scream if you want to go faster.”

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