Anorak News | Phone Hacking: 50 famous faces line up claims against the Daily Mirror and Sunday People

Phone Hacking: 50 famous faces line up claims against the Daily Mirror and Sunday People

by | 28th, January 2015

You despise Rupert Murdoch. You cheered when the News of the World was removed from the newsagents’ shelves.

Did you cheer when the Metropolitan Police hacked into the phone records of the Sun (it wanted to discover the source of the ‘Plebgate’ story ) and the Mail on Sunday? The Met wanted to discover the source of the MoS story that Lib Dem cabinet minister Chris Huhne got his then wife Vicky Pryce to take the blame for his speeding offences.

It’s fine and legal when the police use awful Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to hack newspapers. But it is just awful when tabloid journalists hack phones to find a story they deem to be in the public interest. This is ‘irresponsible’ journalism. The politicians and right-minded gentleman of the Press and the illiberal Hacked Off pressure group prefer ‘responsible’ journalism. The powers that be will tell you what is and what is not ok and mortally correct.


When David Cameron said “while it’s vital that a free press can tell truth to power, it is equally important that those in power can tell truth to the press” did you think the world had been stood on its head?

So. How do you react to news that Trinity Mirror is facing a fresh wave of phone-hacking compensation claims?

This March the High Court will review the evidence that during the period of 2000 to 2006 the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People hacked phones.

He said MGN had admitted that none of 71 articles, featuring 45 bylines, in the eight test cases could have been published without voicemail interception.

Claimants are many:

1. Alan Yentob (BBC executive)

2. Sadie Frost (actress)

3. Paul Gascoigne (former footballer)

4. Lucy Taggart (soap opera actress)

5. Shane Richie (soap opera actor)

6. Shobna Gulati (soap opera actress)

7. Lauren Alcorn (flight attendant)

8. Robert Ashworth (TV producer)

Mirror Group Newspapers are believed to have settled the another 15 claims from the first wave.

They concerned:

9. Nicola Horlick, settled for £25,000

10. Emma Noble, settled for £40,000

11. Bobby Holland Hanton, settled for £75,000

12. Cilla Black, settled

13. Robert Willis, settled

14. Peter Andre, settled

15. Jessie Wallace, settled

16. Darren Day, settled

17. Sven-Goran Eriksson, settled for £30,000

18. Christopher Eccleston, settled for £30,000

19. Abbie Gibson, settled for £15,000

20. Christie Roche, settled for £15,000

21. Phil Dale, settled for £15,000

22. Garry Flitcroft, settled for £20,000

23. Ben Jackson, settled

There are also a number of other claims that are still live from the first wave.

The names of the claimants are:

24. Davina McCall

25. Sheryl Gascoigne

26. John Thomson

27. Edmund Jordan

28. Holly Davidson

Press Gazette understands that a further 16 further individuals have filed legal actions against Trinity Mirror over allegations of phone-hacking.

Their names are:

29. Phil Tufnell

30. Dawn Tufnell

31. Neil Morrissey

32. Emma Killick

33. Natasha Kaplinsky

34. Polly Ravenscroft

35. Caroline Aherne

36. Patrick Aherne

37. Christopher Parker

38. Simon Clegg

39. Danny Young

40. Sarah Manners

41. Samia Ghadie

42. Kate Ford

43. Alan Halsall

44. Lucy-Jo Hudson

The following other individuals have filed legal claims against Mirror Group Newspapers in the High Court over the last two months, though it has not yet been confirmed that they relate to phone-hacking.

They are:

45. Lisa Murrish

46. Ian Cotton

47. Allan Forrest

48. Sir Clive Woodward

49. James Mullord

50. Ben Freeman

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