Anorak News | Ghostbusters re-sexed: classive movie reworked as feminist message

Ghostbusters re-sexed: classive movie reworked as feminist message

by | 28th, January 2015

Hollwyood has run dry of ideas when you get the third film Ghostsbusters made with an all-female cast. The Hollywood Reporter notes:

Melissa McCarthy, who was already in talks for one of the leads, has signed on for the Paul Feig-directed reboot, and the studio is now negotiating with Kristen Wiig, as well as “Saturday Night Live” players Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon…

CNN spots that naysayers:

As some of the Twitterati accused the ladies-led “Ghostbusters” concept of being a “gimmick,” Feig swiftly responded, “Interesting how making a movie with men in the lead roles is normal but making a movie with women in the lead roles is a ‘gimmick.’ #its2014.”

How could reworking an old hit film to star women in place of men possibly be a gimmick?

Jeremy Gerard:

It seemed like a great idea at the time, which was 1984, right in the heart of the Age of Second-Wave Feminism: Recast the greatest guy-comedy of all time, Neil Simon‘s The Odd Couple, not only with a female Oscar and Felix, but with their hard-drinking, crotch-scratching, stogie-smoking, moldy-sandwich-scarfing, deodorant-and-English-challenged poker pals all played by birds as well…

Between the Dallas tryout and the Broadway opening six months later, the opening-scene poker game had been replaced — I swear this is true — by Trivial Pursuit, which, to be honest, told you all you needed to know…

Aren’t there enough plas being written with female characters we can enjoy?

Alyssa Rosenberg:

Maybe ghostbusting has become another routine, low-prestige and low-pay job that is coded as female. Maybe a female team is trying to break into an industry that has become a bastion of macho nerds.


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