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BBC Brit: The TV channel for pub bores

by | 30th, January 2015

BBC Worldwide is looking to launch BBC Brit.

What will it be about? What is being a Brit?




Well the channel was launched with a ten-meter statue of Top Gear racing driver ‘The Stig’ stood in front of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland. The statue arrived in Poland after a three-day road trip through Europe via Amsterdam and Berlin.

BBC Brit will be “the most interesting conversation in the bar”. Which bar? And is it one anyone sane would want to visit twice?

You don’t need to be drunk to watch BBC Brit, but it could help with the enjoyment of wall-to-wall Top Gear.

And why not just broadcast an interesting conversation at the bar, darts, cribbage, juke box sounds and snooker heraleded by men in jumpers and an order for 81 pints? Why not just bring back the Indoor League? How about a show featuring men quoting the ‘funny’ bits from funny telly shows?

If you think those are crap ideas,  you need to read this breifing document:


bbc brit



The Indy hears from an anonymous independent producer who “despairs at the BBC brand being tarnished by this god-awful s**t-stain”.

It’s worse than BBC Ukip – it’s what a Guardian reading BBC exec thinks people in Ukip want.. It’s essentially the Top Gear channel.

The Indy has got its hands on a dose of the brainstorming, blue-sly thinking and general tossery that went into making an advert-free Dave channel:


bbc brit 1


bbc brit 2 bbc brit 3 bbc brit 4 bbc brit 5



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