Anorak News | Daily Mail Health Tuesday: Fizzy water gives you cancer and selfies cause anorexia

Daily Mail Health Tuesday: Fizzy water gives you cancer and selfies cause anorexia

by | 4th, February 2015

It’s Health Tuesday (delayed) in the Daily Mail. Let’s look at new ways to fall ill and die in the paper of terror:

Page 3: “Stop that binge jogging! Three times a week is best for you…and too much is as bad as doing nothing”

“Heavy joggers are as likely to die as those leading a sedantry life, according to scientists”

So writes Jenny Hope, “Medical Correspondent”. Well, Jenny, we are all equally as likely to die: fat, thin, rich and poor. We’ve seen the science.

Page 25: “Craze for skinny selfies is ‘fuelling eating disorders'”

Well, no. An exert says:

“Dr Alex Yellowlees, medical director and consultant psychiatrist at the Priory hospital group, said more and more young women suffering from eating disorders are taking pictures of themselves and sharing them with friends.”

They already have eating disorders before the selfies.

This news is illustrated by photos of five young women in their skimpies.

Page 45: “Baby boys and a dillema for every parent – Some experts now says ALL boys should be circumcised. But are they ignoring worrying risks?”

Not really a problem for ‘every parent’ is it?

And the obligatory cancer scare stories:

“Why fizzy drinks (and even sparkling water) are WORSE than you thought”…

Women who have more than three sugary drinks – fizzy or otherwise – a week may have an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Orange squash give you cancer!

Last year, researchers from Laval University in Quebec found that the more sugary and fizzy drinks consumed by women, the greater the density of their breasts – a known risk factor for cancer.

But before you throw all your cordials and fuits juices away:

It is not clear how the two might be linked and more research is needed.


Do low-tar cigarettes put women more at risk of aggressive lung cancer?

Than women who don’t smoke? We’d say’ yes’.
When Marion did smoke, she tended to choose extra-mild, low-tar varieties. Mr Hunt says: ‘Many people, especially women, have moved on to low-tar cigarettes in the mistaken belief they’re better for them – but there is some evidence to suggest that people inhale these more deeply than they would a stronger cigarette in order to get the same effects…”
Smoking can lead to cancer! Who knew..?

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