Anorak News | Daily Express never forgets Alzheimer’s: Grapes fight memory loss (in rats)

Daily Express never forgets Alzheimer’s: Grapes fight memory loss (in rats)

by | 6th, February 2015

The Daily Express explains to its readers why they can no longer recall why they buy ‘the world’s greatest newspaper’ and fail to spot the same stories appearing year after year on its cover: they lost their grapes.




Inside the paper, this front-page news becomes: “Red wine and peanuts can help boost your memory say scientists.”

RED grapes have emerged as key in the battle to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, research shows.

The Express has a keen interest in Alzheimer’s, the illness featuring on its front page 14 times in 2014. Back then readers were told that coffee, spicy food and drugs ‘BEAT’ Alzheimer’s. Now it’s grapes.

As readers set about replacing the sugar in their mug of coffee with two spoons of chicken vindaloo and a glug of Thunderbird, the Express notes:

Scientists have discovered that the fruit – found in a daily glass of red wine – and peanuts both contain a wonder anti-oxidant called resveratrol.

The compound, which protects cells against damage and helps prevent age-related mental decline, also mops up chemicals responsible for causing blood clots – the primary cause of coronary disease. Experiments showed that giving older rats the compound led to apparent improvements in learning, memory and mood.

Back to that front-page headline, which now reads:


The story adds:

The research said resveratrol may even be able to help people afflicted with severe neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, for which there is no cure.

And that’s from the Express, which told us:


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But so long as you Express-reading rats have not eaten your grapes, you won’t remember any of that…



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