Anorak News | Stuffed Boyfriend Bears: A chastity teddy ‘for girls who wait’

Stuffed Boyfriend Bears: A chastity teddy ‘for girls who wait’

by | 8th, February 2015

When your creepy boyfriend celebrates St Valentine’s Day by handing you a balloon holding a teddy, check the lable. Does he like women to be into children’s things. Or is that a Purity Bear?


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Boyfriend Bears are “for girls who wait”. No, these evangelical Christians are not waiting for The Rapture. Well, not only that. They waiting for sex.

A few words from the  bear-stuffer-in-chief Madison Wiese:

Hey, I’m Madison! I am “crazy” about many things especially: guitar, singing, photography, family, hanging out with friends, shoes, but most of all GOD! I have a heart for living a life of purity, serving others, and going on mission trips. My top three spiritual gifts are Missionary, Faith, and Encouragement.


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The idea of Boyfriend Bears was inspired during my Never the Same Mission Trip to Ecuador summer of 2011! Dannah Gresh, one of the speakers on the trip, spoke about purity and I knew right then that this is what God wanted for me and I wanted it too! When I returned home I had an idea of creating a special bear to hug and cuddle while waiting for my future husband. I was so inspired to live a life of purity that I shared the idea with a couple of my closest girlfriends. We all decided to buy a special bear, make a purity pledge, and write a letter to our future husband which we stuffed inside our bears to give to our future husbands on our wedding day!

In the throes of passion, you get to rip the bears guts out.

A few days later I attended The Global Leadership Summit at my church (it’s clear to me now why out of the blue I asked my mom to sign me up 3 months earlier…really? what 13 year old wants to sit for 2 days and listen to speakers?) During the summit I heard an inspirational message from a young pastor Steven Furtick who had started a church at age 16. I also heard Seth Godin, the author of the book “Poke the Box“, speak about encouraging people to “stop talking” and “to take action.” During the summit I prayed and told God that I knew I was young and not the most capable BUT was available and willing to dedicate my life to making a difference.

Poke The Box. No sniggering.

Note 1: Boyfriend Bears supports FamilyLife, a Christian outfit that preaches:

We believe that her responsibility is to willingly and intelligently affirm, respect, and submit to her husband as the leader in the relationship and in his vocational calling. Therefore, we are committed to exhorting a wife to be in support of her husband by accepting and excelling in her responsibility as his helper.

Buying that teddy might be the last time your girls get to call the shots…

Note 2: Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church has method for ‘encouraging’ mass baptism.

General Info:

The call for baptisms will happen approx 60 minutes into the worship experience and Pastor Steven will give the call.


Audience (15) 15 people will sit in the worship experience and be the first ones to move when Pastor gives the call.

Sit in the auditorium and begin moving forward when Pastor Steven says go.

2. Move intentionally through the highest visibility areas and the longest walk.

Doors (4) People at the auditorium exit doors directing people out of the auditorium.

Sit in the auditorium and begin moving forward and get into position during the call.

2. Act as human door props so people can go through the doors.

3. Smile and clap showing people you are excited they came forward.

Hallway (30-60) Have enough to create critical mass as people are moving through the hallway toward registration area
Create an atmosphere of Celebration for those being baptized as they walk toward the changing rooms…this needs to be HUGE and over the top celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave 2-3 hallway people in the hallway at all times

Because it’s not emotional manipulation and persuading people to agree with you. It’s all about God’s Will, right?

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