Anorak News | Method-one acting: EastEnders’ John Altman says dope, LSD, cocaine, opium were better than alcohol

Method-one acting: EastEnders’ John Altman says dope, LSD, cocaine, opium were better than alcohol

by | 8th, February 2015

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EASTENDERS actor John Altman is from the method-one school of acting. Speaking to the Sun, Atlman, who played EastEnders‘ nasty Nick (think middle-aged Sid Vicious without the charm) “revealed he once took heroin, just like his junkie alter-ego”.

Actor took drugs! It is a shock.
Says Altman:

“Everything Nick’s taken I’ve probably taken at some point or another — dope, LSD, cocaine, opium. The first time I did opium was in an opium den in a tower block in the back streets of Calcutta, and I smoked it from a pipe. I threw up afterwards, but when I got back to my hostel I drifted off into this incredible hallucinogenic dream.”

Was he was tripping in a dystopian hell, wherein vitamin-starved Londoners live on the city’s only undeveloped garden square?

“I was in the most beautiful jungle imaginable, with flowers and parrots flying around. Then it wore off and I was back to reality.  I met people while travelling who were buying heroin and fixing up. But I’ve always hated needles, which probably did me a favour because I always avoided heroin.

‘Always avoided heroin’ soon becomes:

“The only time I took it was at a party by accident, because I thought it was cocaine.”

So. The mesage is clear: if you want to star in the BBC top’s soap opera and become a household name, drugs are fine.

“That was during my mad punk years, when we’d be up all night on the best cocaine in the world. There were a lot of walks home at dawn the next day. But for me they were great times.”

Drugs never did John any harm, says TV star John:

“My attitude to drugs now is most should be legalised. In the 21st century you should be able to buy recreational drugs from a Government-controlled vending machine. I have taken most drugs. But the worst one — the one that nearly destroyed me — was alcohol.”

Alcohol’s the drug that isn’t prohibited. And John became an alcoholic. So, if drugs were all legal, would John have become a junkie..?


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