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QPR Balls: The surprising thing about Harry Redknapp

by | 9th, February 2015

Harry Redknapp’s career as QPR manager was cut short by his bad knees. It’s a stroke of fortune that Rangers were not gunning for the Premier League title or one of the European places. Redknapp’s selfless act could have placed a season of promise in jeopardy. As it is, Redknapp left QPR in a mess.

Did anyone see it coming? Did Robbie Savage? He who wrote in the Daily Mirror on February 6:

“Harry’s resignation is a masterpiece of bad timing.. I’m surprised he wasn’t sacked earlier

He wasn’t sacked at all, Robbie. The knees, remember.

In October 2014, Savage told the BBC:

“The whole situation reminds me of two seasons ago when Mark Hughes was sacked in November and Redknapp came in. I think that was the wrong decision because I believe Hughes would have kept QPR up but if results don’t pick up in the next few weeks – and QPR have to play Chelsea and Manchester City at the start of November – then QPR owner Tony Fernandes has another decision to make.

It is a very difficult call. Redknapp looks a bit tired to me but he has stacks of experience and you could not say for sure that he cannot keep QPR up. Things are not working at the moment but I would be surprised if Fernandes is so hasty again.”

Robbie Savage is surprised whichever way the coin falls…


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