Anorak News | Rotherham: UKIP seek ‘karma’ for PC Hassan Ali as the Left and cowards let the racists in

Rotherham: UKIP seek ‘karma’ for PC Hassan Ali as the Left and cowards let the racists in

by | 9th, February 2015

News on the death of PC Hassan Ali reached the attention of UKIP’s branch office in Plymouth, Devon.

Plymouth Ukip Twitter tweeted:



hassan ali ukip

The tweet has been deleted. But the North Devon Journal captured it:

“South Yorkshire police says PC Hassan Ali who was under investigation in relation to child abuse in Rotherham has died in a car crash KARMA!”

PC Hassan Ali had never been arrested, let alone charged with any crime.

The paper adds:

The Independent Police Complaints Commission was investigating PC Ali, 44, as part of the Rotherham sex abuse enquiry after it was alleged he twice asked a victim out on a date. Two members of the public made four complaints against the officer to South Yorkshire Police.

Back to that tweet. A UKIP spokesman explains:

“The UKIP Plymouth account is run by a team of volunteers and it seems the tweet was made by one of them without permission.Once it was tweeted it was deleted almost immediately. The content of the tweet does not reflect the views of the branch, its candidates or indeed the wider party.The matter is being investigated.”

UKIP are right-wing rabble rousers.

Melanie Phillips makes a point in the Times:

There is, though, an even deeper level of denial beneath all this. [Louise] Casey notes that Rotherham council dismissed the pioneering reports in this paper by Andrew Norfolk, which exposed the entire scandal, as a malevolent and politicised attack by “the Murdoch press”.

This is far more significant than just a cheap attack on the proprietor of the paper you are currently reading. It reflects the syllogism that drives left-wing thinking, and which goes like this: I am left-wing and virtuous because I care about the vulnerable. Right-wing people are wicked because they are the opposite of me. Anyone who is not left-wing is right-wing. Anyone who disagrees with my virtuous beliefs, such as in multiculturalism, is thus wicked and right-wing. Anything at all they may say about anything is also wicked and right-wing. It must therefore be ignored, dismissed or destroyed.

This Manichean attitude, which shapes our society, has demonised not just individuals and groups but facts, evidence and truth itself over wide swathes of public debate, from immigration to man-made global warming, from family breakdown to Islamic extremism.

Among many other contributory factors, it is the single most deadly reason why the authorities in Rotherham refused to countenance the evidence of Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs. Casey says the authorities were terrified of giving ammunition to the British National Party. But denying the grooming gangs immeasurably strengthened the BNP, enabling it to pose as the only people “telling the truth”.

The Muslim angle is her driver. But what about tribal issues and gang mentality?

As the election looms, UKIP is occupying the berth the BNP once held. Not as racist as the BNP, UKIP manage, nonetheless, to attract many bigots who see child absue as Muslim-only issue:

Nigel Farage has called a Labour MP a “disgraceful woman” after she accused him of rubber-necking at victims of child abuse.

Interviewed at his party’s North East Spring Conference in Hartlepool, he branded Rotherham’s Labour MP Sarah Champion a “disgraceful woman” after she claimed his visit on Friday to her scandal-hit constituency amounted to rubber-necking.

Farage hit back, saying: “She said what happened to me in Rotherham was funny.

“So what we are going to do next week, we are going to have 30 Ukip activists outside her office and we will hold up placards and shout abusive slogans. I wonder how funny she would find that.”

Farage will now be able to pursue his new-found interest in child abuse, travelling to Dolphin Square, Jimmy Savile’s old haunts and taking on pop music, the BBC and the police. Won’t he?

Nick Cohen nails it:

Farage is a rabble-rouser and a coward. He plays with racism, the way Ian Paisley used to play with sectarianism: whips it up, then backs off just before he can be accused of inciting violence.

Race is an issue in Rotherham. But don’t let the racists dictate the conversation. Just stick to the facts. And then you will have better chance of why the abuse happened and how it can be prevented…


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